BAB publishes an academic paper on assets-based approaches to developing age-friendly communities.

21 Oct 2021

For the last 6 years, the Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) programme has been working to reduce social isolation and loneliness experienced by people aged 50+ in the city.

We’ve funded a huge variety of projects and, with support from the University of West of England and our Community Researchers, we’ve assessed the effectiveness of our projects through quantitative data collected via our Common Measurement Framework (CMF) questionnaire and qualitative data collected through a variety of methods including in-depth interviews, observations, attending events and meetings, case studies and online surveys. Over the last few months, we have been focusing in particular on the impact of asset-based approaches to developing age-friendly communities, which has resulted in the publication of a new academic paper on the subject. The paper is based on research from our nine community development projects for older people, which involved a range of areas and communities in the city.

Carly Urbanski, BAB Head of Programme said, “We are delighted to have contributed our learning to this paper and hope it will be of use to other agencies seeking to design community development projects for older people in the future. This paper will help to ensure BAB’s findings are used for many years to come and has enabled us to share our learning with a new global audience of academics and policymakers.”

To read the full paper, please visit UWE’s research repository here.


“It’s nice to be in a gay group in the ‘hetero universe’ and have a space where you can be seen and have your struggles shared and recognised by others in the group. It always feels good to be listened to; sometimes in the gay community you can feel invisible as an older gay man.” – Member of the LGBT+ community development project.

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