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Old Market

This project was run by LiveWest

What was the project?

The aim of the project was to support and empower local older people to develop activities through an asset-based approach, taking into account the individual needs of older people in the community as a way of addressing the root causes of social isolation and loneliness in Old Market.  


What did the project do?

LiveWest community development project in Old Market involved local people in shaping the activities and events available in their area. The projects worked closely with other local organisations by supporting them to make funding applications and promoting their groups.


How to get in touch

For more information about this project please email or ring 0117 928 1539


Why did BAB fund it?

When commissioning 9 community development projects, we followed the core mantra that one size does not fit all in Bristol. There was a clear need for different and distinct models of delivery depending upon the areas of focus. While it wasn’t possible within the BAB budget to fund bespoke projects in every part of the city, BAB was committed to developing Test and Learn projects that could create replicable best practices.

Old Market was chosen as BAB identified it as an area where gentrification was taking place, a transition considered to put older residents at increased risk of isolation due to the disruption of their familiar community. We wanted to examine and evaluate how gentrification was influencing decisions of older people in this area, and how this might also relate to other parts of the city.


Project news and learning

The project ran from April 2017 and ended in March 2019. A lack of a central community venue to bring people together was a challenge for the project because there was less of a sense of community than in neighbouring areas, but the project did develop partnerships with the local leisure centre, pub, mosque and arts centre to host groups and events. The short duration of the project also posed a challenge to building up trust within the community.  Despite this, several groups were set up as a result of the project including arts, sewing, men’s DIY, coffee morning, and lunch club. Although it was decided not to continue the project beyond BAB funding, at least one of the groups was made sustainable and continued beyond the life of the project. The art group who partnered with Trinity Art Centre and held two exhibitions of their work was particularly successful.  

Read the Executive summary of the St Pauls and Old Market Community Development Project.

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