BAB Programme Management Team

Carly Urbanski - Head of the BAB Programme.

Carly's role focuses on the operational aspects of BAB as well as working strategically with partners across the city, sharing learning and knowledge with key partners and stakeholders. A large part of their role involves making the partnership sustainable post-BAB through the development of the programme’s legacy and of its partner projects.

The role also involves managing the majority of the contracts across the city, which includes but is not limited to; monthly progress meetings with partners, checking if organisations need additional support, checking quarterly reports and feeding back what is happening to the BAB advisory group and to Community Fund.

Carly reports directly to and work closely with the BAB strategic programme group, BAB advisory group and Community Researchers to make sure that there is constant communication between the operational and strategic sides of the work.


Bianca Rossetti - Project Officer

Bianca’s work focuses on four aspects of the BAB programme: the Community Kick-Start Fund; Group Work projects; our Older Persons Advisory Group and our age-friendly city work. Bianca ensures that everything funded through Kick-Start is led by older people, provides guidance and feedback to applicants, organises the commissioning process, gathers learning on the impact the fund is having and arranges the purchasing of goods and services to allow activities to take place. Bianca also is the main point of contact for the BAB Advisory Group. She also manages contracts for two of BAB’s 2-year wellbeing projects, both of which focus on food and nutrition as a vehicle for reducing social isolation.



Claire Chivers - Learning & Monitoring Officer

Claire’s role is focused on gathering learning from the BAB programme and sharing this, enabling others to use this learning to improve the services they provide to older people. This covers learning which can be immediately implemented to improve projects in the short-term, but also wider learning about loneliness and social isolation. Learning is shared among delivery partners, with other stakeholders in the city, with the other Ageing Better programmes around the UK and with the National Lottery Community Fund. Claire also works closely with UWE and the team of Community Researchers, providing monitoring information in order to support their evaluation of the BAB programme.



Vibeke Joy - Press and Communications Officer 

 Vibeke’s role is to raise awareness and improve the profile of Bristol Ageing Better. Her writing promotes positive ageing and works to dispel negative stereotypes of older people. She does this by sharing BAB’s, and its partner’s,   case studies and learning with the media, on the website and on social media. Vibeke sends out the e-newsletters and keeps in touch with the projects funded by BAB. 



Michele Cockaine - Finance Officer

Michele manages BAB’s finance systems, budget reviews and forecasting, processing payments and monitoring delivery partner’s financial spend in line with their agreed budgets. If you have any queries around outstanding payments please feel free to contact her. 

Call us: 0117 928 1539

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