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The Babbers Show

What was the project?

The Babbers was a radio show that was broadcast 2015-2020, every Monday on Ujima Radio, 98FM. 

Ujima Radio celebrates African and Caribbean cultures through music and discussion; as a radio show committed to promoting diversity Ujima recognised that the voices of older people were also an under-represented group and agreed to host the show. 

What did the project do?

The show was run by and for local older people who wanted to make their voices heard. The show presented a positive depiction of ageing and challenged stereotypes.

A group of volunteer presenters each planned and coordinated their own shows, exploring issues and exposing inequalities that can affect older people. They featured the experiences and opinions of inspirational older people; provided relevant and important information about services, events and activities for older people. All content on the show was chosen to inform and entertain as the Babbers created a show they wanted to listen to.


How to get in touch

To learn more about the Babbers Show please email 


Why did BAB fund it?

BAB funded this project under our theme of ‘Creating the conditions to reduce and prevent loneliness’.  This theme is about changing attitudes, culture and polices across Bristol and within local communities, to encourage change that empowers older people.

The radio show tackles stereotypes about ageing and sends a more positive message out about what it is like to grow older in Bristol by the people who are experiencing it right now.


Project news and learning:

The Babbers have continued with their weekly shows, every Monday from 12-2pm with a collection of dedicated volunteers. During the coronavirus outbreak the Babbers had to adapt. They learnt how to record themselves and assemble the show. This work went on to inspire Ujima Radio station to set up ‘Prime Time’, a radio show built on the success of the Babbers aimed at older people. The show has been broadcast in 8 different cities and counties. 

Many of the Babbers volunteers have decided to move on and so for the time being, the Babbers are on a break.

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