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Wellbeing & Ethnic Minority Older People Therapies

This project was run by Oasis-Talk

What was the project?

Oasis Talking Therapies worked  with 9 ethnic minority-led partner organisations to co-design and deliver wellbeing courses for older people from ethnic minority communities.


What did the project do?

The courses run were free and open to anyone over 50 from an ethnic minority community. Course topics were chosen by older community members and designed in partnership with community groups to ensure the sessions were culturally appropriate and relevant to the wellbeing needs of different communities.


How to get in touch

For further information about this project please email or ring 0117 928 1539.


Why did BAB fund it?

Across all of our delivery, BAB collected a lot of good insight into the groups least likely to access support services. People from black and minority ethnic communities often have the lowest engagement. According to NHS studies, older people from an ethnic minority background are less likely to engage with psychological therapies but when they do, have a higher rate of recovery. The learning from the pilots identified significant gaps in services for BME older people, especially around culturally appropriate mental health and wellbeing provision.

The project was designed to develop culturally specific wellbeing and psycho-educational models that help older people in ethnic minority populations to improve their wellbeing and reduce their loneliness and isolation.


Project news

Oasis-Talk worked with more than 15 ethnic minority groups across Bristol to co-design wellbeing sessions specific for each community including themes such as Sleep, Anxiety, and Coping with Grief/Bereavement. This partnership spread wider than initially planned and demonstrates the appetite for community-based wellbeing services.

Participants found these sessions so beneficial they wanted to learn how to lead sessions themselves in their community. Oasis-Talk developed a training programme and has now trained 13 Volunteer Facilitators to date. They have also been approached by younger members of communities who would like to deliver sessions to their peers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the project provided one-to-one support to each of the Volunteer Facilitators to help them support the members of their community. 

Oasis-Talk is looking for funding to continue and expand the project. 

Read more about our key findings around mental health and well-being. 

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